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Thriller Inspired by True Events

Ruthless Alliance

He's a Ruthless Patriot with a Dark Sense of Humor
A planned bombing in New York. A bureaucrat with ulterior motives. One lone wolf standing between innocent bystanders and bloody carnage.

Luis Fuentes longs to quit the violence-riddled border. But when the undercover DEA agent is contacted by a would-be-terrorist, he jumps in to probe for details before an extremist plot unfolds. And when the FBI Director tells him to quietly string the man along, the street-smart operative’s instincts tell him his superior is playing dirty pool.

Luis survives car chases, shootouts with cartel members, and ruthless killers. He spurs a gullible co-conspirator through a wild goose chase to obtain explosives. But in a risky covert gambit, the driven patriot becomes increasingly frustrated as he tries to prevent a devastating loss.

Can Luis end the corruption and prevent an international conspiracy from wreaking mass destruction?

Ruthless Alliance is the riveting first book in the RUTHLESS JUSTICE series. If you like irreverent heroes, wry humor, and fictionalized versions of real events, then you’ll love Luca Storm’s timely page-turner.

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